I wondered the same thing , especially in Lagos state where you see hawkers hawking cow meet, goat meat even fish and other food ingredients carrying on there head moving from street to street, but never have i seen anyone hawking fresh chicken, unless in frozen shops or you go to the market where they slaughter it fresh for you .Why?

meat seller
Chicken meat is a good nutritional choice for the family, but raw chicken can be easily contaminated with bacterial like SALMONELLA ,CAMPYLOBACTER etc., if not handled properly, which could lead to foodborne illness also called food poisoning . In Nigeria more than 200,000 persons die of food poison annually according to statistics from the National Agency For Food And Drug Admiration and Control (NAFDAC )

It is important to cook, chill or frozen your chicken quickly after slaughter, because bacterial grows rapidly as little as 20 minutes if not cooked, chilled or frozen . This now reminds me of some old tales people says, that frozen food do not contain any nutrients, definitely not true especially when it comes to raw chicken that can be contaminated with salmonella or campylobacter bacteria fast if not properly handled after slaughter. with this i don’t think anyone will want to risk hawking raw or frozen chicken without it not getting contaminated.

cleaned hen
Raw or frozen Chicken have a fleshy color, when buying, if you notice any discoloration like a dull grayish color on the body of the chicken or a sour smell please don’t buy the chicken could be bad

.contaminated chicken
Please when next you go to the market to buy and slaughter your fresh chicken make sure they add ice block to it after butchering to avoid it getting contaminated before you get home or you can order from Nnekky farm fresh chicken which is 100% local chicken from farms in Nigeria, slaughtered ,cleaned frozen ready to cook without adding any preservatives visit …www.nnekky.com.ng to order online, click on the menu for more food ingredients.

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Note that raw chicken or frozen chicken bought should be cooked immediately or frozen back to retain its juicier taste .
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