Foods That Can Boost Immune System This Season

As Lagosians are  gradually coming out after lock-down, due to the pandemic that have  held the whole world hostage for months  and still  holding us. But as the saying goes ‘ man must chop’.

Wearing face mask, washing of hands regularly and social distancing can prevent you from contacting this virus, but eating healthy foods would help to keep your immune system strong, to fight back any  viruses as you go out this season.

  • HERE ARE SOME  IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER FOODS you can include in your meals this seasonherbal tea
  1. TEA:Boost your immune system as you wake up with a cup of green tea, especially those of us that are 40 years  and above. A cup of green tea  in the morning  puts you in an alert mood. Instead of  buying packaged  green tea , try  making  green tea  out of this  green veggies  around you. And  enjoy natural cleansing.ginger,garlic, bitter leaf, mango leaf etc.Filled with antibodies properties that fights viruses. Visit shop to buy .yougg
  2. YOGURT: Do you know that yogurt have PRO- BIOTIC properties that strengthens the immune system. Use yogurt for your coleslaw sometimes instead of mayonnaise.
  3. PEPPER SOUP: Helps to relax the respiratory system because of its antibacterial properties.Try sipping on a chicken pepper soup when you have cold, it helps a lot.soups pper
  4. VEGETABLES :Including any kind of veggies to your meal is a healthy way to boost your immune system . Adding steamed Ugu (pumpkin leaf ) when eating your white rice and stew makes it more nutritious.uguvisit shop to buy.
  5.    SWEET POTATOES: Filled with lots of fiber . Cook your sweet potatoes  with bean for maximum enjoyment. POTATvisit shop to buy.
  1. FRUITS:  Make out juice, smoothies or fruit salad with fruits, like Water Melon, Lemon, Mangoes,Apples,Berries and more. they contain lots of vitamins that helps to keep the immune system clean.fruity   

         Aside boosting your system with healthy foods, reducing stress and little exercise is also a great input in boosting your immune system. Stay safe ,avoid crowd and shop online .

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